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Trout Feeds

The most comprehensive range of diets is available to suit all needs whatever the objectives of the trout farmer. From fully-floating speciality diets for fisheries to high-performance feeds for the portion trout producer, over the years, we have demonstrated a commitment to the requirements of the industry with an underlying drive to deliver the lowest feed cost per kilo growth for a given flesh quality.

In common with all fish, trout do not have a requirement for any individual feed ingredient but, in order to thrive, they must be supplied with adequate levels of digestible nutrients deriving from the ingredients. In accordance with this fundamental principle, Skretting formulates its feeds for trout using the following concepts:

1. AminoBalance – this ensures that the feed ingredient mixtures exactly satisfy the fish’s need for essential amino acids and the feeds are designed to deliver the optimum growth performance without generating excessive waste products.
2. MicroBalance – this focuses on using the right micro-nutrients and their optimum levels in feed. This allows much more flexibility in ingredient use and in consequence, the lowest possible feed costs.
3. LipoBalance – while Skretting has been successfully using mixtures of fish oils and vegetable oils for several years, we have now identified the relationship between the levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (PUFAs) in our fingerling and grower feeds and the levels deposited in the trout’s flesh. Hence, Skretting's trout feeds are formulated to meet minimum dietary levels of specific PUFAs through the use of blends of fish and vegetable oils.

Using the above formulation principles, Skretting’s trout feeds are designed to produce a high level of dependability and predictability with fast growth, low FCRs, low levels of wastes and an excellent final carcass quality acceptable to the consumer.
Starter Feeds

Nutra Plus is a complete range in successive sizes of crumb suitable for trout fry from first-feeding to fingerling size. Nutra Plus fully exploits the trout's excellent growth potential during the critical early stages and achieves this through a combination of top-quality ingredients, essential nutrients and superb physical quality.

Nutra HP is our alternative range of 'Fast Track' starter feeds for trout using advanced formulations to ensure excellent performance.

Following on from Nutra Plus and Nutra HP, Nutra Parr is a range of extruded mini-pellets for young trout. Nutra Parr is very clean and dust-free dispensing well from automatic feeders and is slow-sinking allowing fish the best opportunity to take pellets while suspended in the water column.

Fingerling Feeds

Royale Horizon 23 and 30 are both high-energy diets for fingerling trout formulated using Skretting’s innovative MicroBalance technology. Both are based upon the latest knowledge of nutritional requirements of young trout and of feed ingredient composition in terms of amino acid levels and digestibility.

On-Growing Feeds

Skretting provides alternative ranges of feeds for on-growing trout based upon the latest research from Skretting’s Aquaculture Research Centre. New knowledge of the trout’s requirements for digestible energy, digestible protein and amino acids is continually being implemented to ensure that our feeds continue to lead the field. Choice of feed type will depend upon the type of farm, the environmental conditions and the target market of the fish farmer.

Royale Ultima is our highest-performing product for portion-sized trout and is designed for farmers looking for the very best growth rates and food conversion ratios.

Royale Horizon is our best-selling product for on-growers and is designed to provide excellent economy and reduced wastes.

Elite SP is a lower-energy, economic feed which incorporates all the benefits gained from many years experience of matching dietary specifications to farm’s requirements.

Standard Expanded is a specialised feed which has been formulated for trout farms operating under more extensive conditions and requiring a fully-floating feed.

Proactive Diet

Protec Plus diets for non-organic trout are specially formulated to assist trout through the stress periods which occur either as part of normal farming practice or through more challenging times.

Broodstock Feed

Vitalis RT is a special formulation for broodstock trout.

Organic Feeds

Our Emerald Fry, Emerald Parr, Emerald Fingerling, and Emerald Trout are successive ranges of trout diets which have been designed specifically to follow standards for organic food and farming.

Emerald feeds are also available in a Response Xtra option.

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