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Tell us your opinion of our webpage and be entered into a free prize draw


Tell us your opinion of our webpage and be entered into a free prize draw

Skretting UK & Ireland

Skretting is the UK and Ireland's largest aquaculture feeds producer and leads the market with innovative feeds and feeding expertise.

Our company supplies mainly salmon and trout diets but also feeds for coarse fish, tilapia, ornamental fish and marine fish such as seabass.

Over the years, Skretting has developed many types of feeds and services with one objective for fish farmers in mind – profitable growth.

Production and distribution are quality assured according to ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our substantial international resources and expertise are a guarantee of the highest quality standards throughout the food chain. Skretting is part of the Nutreco N.V. Group.


New insights in Zebrafish feeding and husbandry system design

It has been common feeding practice in Zebrafish husbandry to utilise live Artemia and flake diets. Generally, an excess amount is fed, which can negatively affect water quality and general maintenance of the husbandry system (cleaning, clogged water supplies, etc.) and introduce undesirable variations in experimental designs.
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Aquaculture leaders must rethink the fundamentals—Is better good enough?

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